About Me (Eng)

Mirko Corna - Professional Project Manager

Mirko Corna – Professional Project Manager

I’m an IT Consultant with over 10 years of experience in IT field and more than 5 years of experience in Project Management. My career began with the Linux platform and the management of small networks. After few year I carried out several projects in IT areas as a systems engineer. In the meantime, I discovered a new passion: the Project Management.



To improve my knowledge in project management, I started a continuous learning in this field and I got these certifications:

During this time I done various consulting activities for the IT and PM field like:

  • Communication Manager for PMO4NoProfit;
  • ITIL advisor for Esprimo;
  • Counselor (Project management) for Italian Public Administration (NDA);
  • IT advisor for CSBF Informatica;
  • Translator for the program “Project in a box”.

I obtained the certification from ASSIREP about my professional qualifications and quality standards (according to Italian law n° 4/2013); “ATTESTATO DI QUALIFICAZIONE PROFESSIONALE E STANDARD QUALITATIVI” ASSIREP

I’m also in the professional list of Project Managers managed by ASSIREP (Project Manager Level 5); “Professionista, Socio qualificato ASSIREP n° 603, operante nell’ambito delle prerogative di cui alla Legge n. 4/2013.”;

Recently, I have the pleasure to be a Steering Committee Member of ASSIREP (Italian association of Professional Project Manager).

The IT and (Business) Project Management are my passions, not only my work.